JSLint′ A fork with some bad parts

One of the few tools that I consider truly indispensable when developing websites is JSLint. Too bad it’s almost impossible to contribute back to the project, and that the project’s run by someone who “will hurt your feelings.”

Instead of complaining too much, I forked the official project and started adding in some bugfixes and additions that I find useful (which generally seem to focus on the CSS parser). Periodically, I merge the current trunk into my branch in the hopes that Crockford might, someday, do the reverse. We’ll see.


Each change that I make to Crockford’s official JSLint is backed up with QUnit tests. You’ll find them in the /test directory of the project.

JSLint Utils

If you use JSLint Utils, I’d recommend hopping into the project’s lib/vendor directory, and running make fork. That’ll drop the official JSLint, and bring you up to date with the latest version of JSLint′. It’s awesome.